Business and Twitter, a social network?

What is a Social Network?

A social network is a type of site in which people connect with each other online that share thoughts, common interests and relationships. Generally speaking users have the ability to connect with others within a social network by sending messages and posts, sharing pictures and video content and inviting each other to events or groups.

Q.. What do I get for my money if I subscribe to your Business on Twitter Guide?

 A.. If you choose our Professional Membership, the information you gain access to is as follows:

 Q.. Why would Business on Twitter give away these "secrets?"

 A.. We are not giving away any secrets! We are offering you the benefit of our experience gained in the online business since 2011. You can find out the same, it will simply take you a number of years to learn them for yourself.

During this time we have tried many, many different techniques ideas to increase our business, if you have the time you could do the same. Alternatively, you could benefit from our experience and save yourself years of development.

 Q.. Surely Business on Twitter could use this information to "dominate" the Internet.

 A.. We do not have the time to exploit every marketplace in every country in the world! There are many thousands of opportunities waiting to be exploited, but we would need "hundreds of years" to exploit them all ourselves.  

 Q.. How do I know that the information given has relevance, or indeed has value.

 A.. We have been in the online business since 2011. We are a profitable company with no borrowings or funding from any source. If we can achieve this, then you could as well within your given marketplace/country.

Q.. There are many others on the Internet offering similiar advice, how do Business on Twitter differ?

 A.. Indeed there are many that claim to offer similar advice, but how many have actually "gone through the mill" as we have and continue to do so?

We are not consultants, but are the operators of successful legitimate on-line businesses. 

 Q.. Business on Twitter are based in the UK and your sites are aimed at the UK market, what relevancy has your information to say the market in China?

 A.. The information given to our subscribers can be applied to any market in any country in the world. Yes, we would agree that there are market/local differences, but the basic rules are the same with the Internet worldwide.

 Q.. I already have a web site and  am generating business through it. Why then, should I subscribe to your service?

 A.. We do not claim to know everything about Internet! Maybe you have overlooked a point(s), that may well increase your business!

 Q.. I am not technically minded, how would your service help me to further my ambitions to build a successful on-line business?

 A.. There are many tools/software that can allow novices to build the actual web sites themselves. However, whether simple or complicated web sites still need basic marketing principles to be applied.

 Q.. What value does your newsletter have?

 A.. The Internet is continuing to evolve, so as time goes by new techniques will be introduced. We are happy to share these new ideas with our subscribers.

We are members of many. many newsletters - most based in the US. We are made aware of new US ideas long before many others. These ideas cannot be copyrighted, so we are happy to pass these onto our subscribers.

 Q.. Will my competitors also have access to this information?

 A.. Quite possibly, but your success will depend on your also knowing the same information. Probably more importantly is how you apply our experience to your own marketplace/business.

No doubt we live in the information age, and knowing the right information is crucial! But throughout history the technology of business has changed dramatically, but the "art" of gaining business success remains the same!

 Q.. Besides the information provided by your service, what else will I need to create a successful online business?

 A.. Tenacity, hard work, application and a degree of luck!

Q.. Can everyone in the world have a successful web based business promoted on twitter?

 A.. No, as not everyone could have a successful shop! There will be many without doubt, and the degree of success will differ. We cannot guarantee you success, but we can offer good, honest pointers that have helped us to attain more than a fair amount of success!

 Q.. If I follow the points in your service will I too create a successful web site/business on twitter?

 A.. We can offer you a great starting point and save a great deal of your precious time. Without doubt your chances of success will greatly increase by applying our experiences to your business.

 Q.. In my chosen marketplace/country there are already many established web sites/businesses, why should I too try?

 A.. Any business/web site can be improved upon! In off line business, new entrants are always being created/established. Some survive and prosper, some fail. The internet is no different, if you are passionate about what you propose "just do it!"

 Q.. I have little in the way of capital (money) to start an on-line business, maybe I should not attempt my own on-line business?

 A.. The beauty of the Internet is that it enables entrepreneurs to start a business small, maybe part time from home. If the business is a success, then controlled expansion can be implemented as is deemed appropriate.

 Q.. Very few people currently buy online?

 A.. Indeed currently the numbers are low relative to off-line business. However the rate of increase is dramatic, and we see no reason for this to slow in the coming years.

 Q.. Fraud is endemic over the web

 A.. Untrue. Purchasers are protected in many countries by their credit card company's refund policies. New technology is imminent to reduce even further the negligible amount of fraud committed. All off-line businesses also suffer from losses, the key is as always to reduce this to a minimum.

 Q.. My "friend" claims to make loads of money with no effort, will I be able to do the same?

 A.. Your friend's claims may well be true - we cannot possibly comment. We are unaware of any methods of generating wealth with some/a lot of effort on the part of those involved.

Q.. Why did Business on Twitter become involved in the online business?

 A.. We were very lucky to come in contact with some very shrewd knowledgeable people in 2015. One of those life changing moments.


Whether or not you tweet...

@Tweeting (touting) for business

Whether or not you tweet, Twitter is an online phenomenon all business people need to be clued up about – especially in the world of commerce where you're judged on your expertise. So, here's a useful little diagram that should get you right to the top of the Twitter learning curve – and in next to no time...

What is a Podcast?

A podcast, or podcasting, refers to the activity in which people create a series of digital media files and broadcast it online though internet streaming or by making it available for easy download as an audio file. Podcasting has developed since its inception with people now operating podcasts within a video format, commonly known as a vodcast.

A blog (sometimes referred to as a weblog) relates to a form of website that is maintained by either an individual or a group or people that offer regular commentary, pictures and video content to their readers. The majority of blogs cover a specific category such as Gadgets. Generally speaking a blog is made up of text, images, video content and links to other blogs, related websites. 

Set up a profile!

This is the first thing you should do when you start a Twitter account. If you have the default Twitter profile photo, you are immediately identified as a newbie and people may suspect that your account is a bot account. Some people on Twitter do not even follow you without a profile picture. Photos are more memorable and engaging but you can use your business logo if you prefer: I do to keep my business account and personal account separate.

Making Money

Imagine sitting in your office, and posting “Just finished optimising a client’s website for higher Google listings” on Twitter. 2 minutes later you get a direct message saying “We need some help getting Google listings – can you help?” A few emails back and forth, a quick phone call and £3000 of business is done.

Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? It did to me.

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